Charter Agreement En Francais

Be honest: who really reads the CT of a contract? If you`re honest with yourself, you can probably say that signing the contract, and even the T-C is really fast and often too fast. In online commerce, all you have to do is activate the general S-C box without even overcoming them. This can have terrible consequences, especially when the treaty deals with high values. But even if you want to read the T and C, you have a problem. The terms are often written in very small and confusing letters. They need a legal expert to understand them. Especially if the contract is in another language. But there is a solution in the area of chartering: the Baltic Air Charter Association (“BACA”) has developed the draft joint model contract as a guide for its members and others with regard to the frequently used contractual terms, which are involved in agreements that can cover their activity. The attached project model is developed only as an indication and as an example and is not exhaustive or final, as all transactions are different. BACA does not provide any assurance or assurance as to the effectiveness or applicability of this project or its content and BACA disclaims any responsibility for the people who can count on it. People who wish to use this project should seek their own legal advice.

(For the exclusive use of passenger aircraft – between charterers and brokers as intermediaries) ABAVELA CHARTER ADRIA SAIL CHARTER ADRIA SERVICE D.O.O. IZOLA ADRIATIC CHALLENGE ADRIATIC SAILING (JADRANSKA JEDRENJA D.O.O.) ADRIAYACHT CHARTER ALTERNAUTIKA AM YACHTING TOUR ANA PLUS YACHTING ANKORA APEX CHARTER ARS NAUTIKA ASTAREA BAMA-YACHTING – Jens Bachmann Black WIND SAILING BLUE BLUE BLUE BRUNEKO BURIN YACHT CHARTER YACHT SAILING CHARTER SERVICE PUNAT CROATIA SAILING DALMATIA CHARTER DARMAR DUBROVNIK YACHTING ELSA NAUTIKA EURONAUTIC FYLY INTER MARES JARU`ICA KIRIACOULIS LA STELLA CHARTER LENKA MEDITERAN YACHTING MANOS YACHTING MARINA-YACHTING DEV. MAYER CHARTER MERIDIJAN YACHTING MONO FLOT MORE CHARTER MULTIHULL GREECE NAUTIKA KUFNER NAVIGO CHARTER NCP CHARTER NIVA CHARTER ODISEJ YACHTING Pelsys charter Pitter PROSPER YACHTING Raice – Cruise Reful Yachting Sail Croatia (JNEREUS) SAILING FOREVER (MA`A) TEHNOMONT MARINA VERUDA TREND TRAVEL – YACHTING Vala Charter (Studio Tim) VESLO Way Point Rovinj (Marine Media) YACHT4YOU Yacht Charter Corfou YACHTINGADRIA 11.2 This agreement establishes the full agreement and agreement between the parties or one of them in connection with the charter of the aircraft, as described here, sets and replaces all prior assurances, agreements, conditions, negotiations and commitments, either orally or in writing towards them. The intermediary encourages the airline (as defined below) to make the aircraft available to the charterer in accordance with the schedule below, and the charterer flies from the intermediary on charter to the terms set out in the following list and in the terms and conditions attached to this agreement and participate.