Gold Purchase Agreement Template

9 Oath, signed and under the pains and penalties of perjury certifies: VENDEUR: Complete Name: Passport N: Signature: Signature: Name: Passport N: Nationality: Signature: Signature: Signature: For – ON BEHALF OF: End of Agreement Text Delivery Schedule: The buyer must honour the total amount of delivery from the date of signing of this contract. Rolls and Extensions is at the exclusive discretion of both parties and is carried out on the applicable terms and conditions or under a renegotiated agreement. Seller`s Copy: Copy Passport: Swift Buyer MT799 THIRTY (30) DAYS BLOCKED FUNDS VERBIAGE [There are many types of film and TV option agreements, from unilateral letters to multi-page documents with copyright assignment forms. Ideally, an option agreement should contain two separate forms: Description: Reference to other Documents: Investor Information: Share Subscription Agreement This is a model of an equity subscription agreement for the purchase of common shares in 6 DOCUMENTS: Each delivery and delivery must be identified by all appropriate contractual codes and reference numbers. The seller must present to the buyer, before the arrival of the goods at the destination port, the following documents: 1. Commercial invoice: issued by the seller: 2 originals and 2 original copies bearing the contract number, description of the goods, list of packages, unit price, total amount and gross/net weight of the goods. 2. Packing list: one (1) original and three (3) copies with the declaration of gross weight and net weight, the number of coins. 3) Certificate of origin: one (1) original and three (3) copies. 4) Certificate of ownership: one (1) original copies and three (3) copies. 5) Export certificate: (3) specimens issued.

6. Airline: one (1) original and three (3) copies. 7. Statement that goods are exempt and free of any charge and without criminal origin and source (Certificate of Movement) 8. Certificate of Analysis Report published by the Geology Laboratory of the Ghana Geological Survey Department/PMMC worldwide. TITLE ZU GOODS: The title of Dore`s gold bars goes from seller to buyer after the last payment. The goods are placed in the buyer`s ordered account at the refinery with the necessary documents during the processing process, and when the certificate of ownership is issued before shipping, it already indicates that the product is sold to the buyer, the information provided by both parties being reflected. CLEAR TITLE: The seller confirms and guarantees that the title of the gold dore bullion is free and free of all links and/or charges and that the seller declares that the Gold Dore bars are not of terrorist and/or criminal origin.

WARRANTIES: A. The buyer guarantees the opening of an irrevocable “Good End” payment guarantee in the form of a bank guarantee (BG) or standby letter of Credit (SBLC) by MT760 or POF MT799 Funds blocked for the benefit of the seller, which confirms the buyer`s willingness to pay for each quantity of gold delivered monthly within a maximum of three (3) working days after the contract is concluded. B. The seller guarantees that the merchandise can be lifted anywhere in the world without any restrictions. C. The seller agrees to accept the final test report from the refinery designated by the purchasers. THIS PURCHASE ACCORD made and concluded this [] day of [month] [year] [year] (execution Date), from and between, ROYAL SOVEREIGN COSTINO, SAC, (RSC) a Peruvian company and with an office at 717 Malecon Riserva, Lima Peru, and a U.S. office in 4 York Avenue, West Caldwell, New Jersey (“producer”) and (“buyer”) The buyer agrees to purchase from RSC 2 SCOPE OF AGREEMENT: A.

Vendeur, under full responsibility and responsibility of the company, declares that he has the clear right and qualified to sell the bars. B. The buyer, under the full responsibility and responsibility of the company, explains that he has all the financial capacity to buy the Gold Dore bars. NOW, THEREFORE: Given the reciprocal promises and alliances presented here, both parties agree to the terms and conditions as follows: COMMODITY SPECIFICATIONS: COMMODITY: GOLD DORE BARS (AU METAL) ORIGIN: GHANA FORM: DORE BARS QUANTITY () as the first delivery 0000 (kilos) every 2 weeks, with rolls and extension.