Griffith University Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement

14.2 Levels differ depending on their level of complexity, degree of autonomy, management requirements and level of performance. b) Any agreement on double annual leave at half the salary must be recorded in writing and kept in the form of an employee register. c) Medically qualified Education and Research Sciences 7.1 A provision that can be facilitated provides that the standard approach may be deviated from an award provision by agreement between an employer and a worker or the majority of workers in the company or part of the company concerned. NOTE 2: Under section 340 (1 of the Act), an employer cannot refuse an employee because the worker has an employment right, has exercised or has not exercised or does not propose or propose to exercise a labour law or to prevent the worker from exercising a right of labour. Under Section 342 (1) of the Act, an employer takes adverse action against a worker when the employer dismisses the worker, dismisses the worker in his or her job, changes the worker`s position based on the worker`s prejudice, or discriminates against the employee and other workers of the employer. NOTE 1: A worker covered by this premium who is entitled to clause X.2.1 or X.2.2 has an employment right under Section 341 (1) (a) of the Act. (e) Leave covered by X.2.1 (a) does not affect any other entitlement to paid or unpaid leave by the worker and is considered a service for the purposes of the premium and NES rights. (a) Point 30.1 applies when a worker is transferred to new duties, following dismissal, which are subject to a lower ordinary salary. “The worker`s salary for the 2-week leave is the salary to which the worker would be entitled for a week`s leave of pay (one week`s salary including the loading of leave in accordance with the annual leave clause of that bonus); and NOTE: Regulations 3.33 (3) and 3.46 (1) (g) of the 2009 Fair Work Regulations set out the requirements for salary documents and the contents of payslips, including the separate identification requirement. (ii) transfer the worker to new duties without dismissal or before the expiry of a delegation notification, provided that the employer pays the worker in accordance with point 30.1 c). (c) If the employer acts as the employer indicates in point 30.1 (b) (b) the worker is entitled to a payment equal to the difference between the worker`s regular rate of pay (including universal benefits and penalty interest for regular hours of work) for the hourly benefits made by the worker in the first role and the ordinary rate of pay (including universal allowances and penalty interest for ordinary hours) the worker in the second period, for which no notification has been made.

1.3 An amendment to this premium does not affect the right, privilege, obligation or liability acquired by a person, acquired or incurred, as it existed prior to this amendment. . 1.2 This modern award was commissioned on January 1, 2010. The terms of the price have been different since then. (d) A worker who does not provide evidence, when required in accordance with point 30.3 b), is not entitled to the payment of the leave. NOTE 3: In accordance with Section 343 (1) of the Act, no person may organize or take action against another person who has compelled him to practice or not to exercise. or suggest exercising or not exercising a right of employment or trying to exercise or propose a right of employment in a particular way.