Rockwell Pma Agreement

4 Parts Management AgreementsParts Management Agreements ensure access to critical spare parts by providing them to Rockwell Automation-inventaran on your site or on a Rockwell Automation site. Monthly/Fixed Quarterly Prices Flexible Service Guarantee Over Time An Advanced Warranty can be purchased The provision of critical spare parts to maximize machine availability while reducing the total cost of Storage Insuranceā„¢ Integrated Support is an annual support contract that helps your systems work by combining our first-rate service functions into a service and support process tailored to your individual needs. 5 Partial Management Agreements BenefitsKaufkraft – allows access to more and/or better equipment Balance Sheet management – helps you better manage the balance sheet by resigning working capital and clearing working capital and bank credit lines for inventory, expansion and emergencies Effective use of capital – the duration of the agreement can be combined with the life of your equipment; There is no down payment! Risk management – provides access to devices for certain fixed payment periods. Rockwell Automation supports and controls the risks of owning the device Flexibility – allows you to adapt to changes dictated by the law – expenses are treated as operating costs and do not appear as Upgraded Technology investment costs – gives you the ability to keep pace with the technology and update or add devices to meet ever-changing requirements. NOTE (this is a U.S.-based statistic – I pulled it from the slide and notes, if you find value in the information): More than 30 percent of all U.S. investments are purchased by leasing. In fact, 8 out of 10 companies rent their equipment. Learn more about how to avoid downtime with a parts management agreement. Contact us today! THE SERVICE TO BRING IT TO THE DESIRED LOCATION FROM THE INSTALLED BASE. Learn more about our modernization evaluation service: in these unprecedented times, you are being asked to do more with less – at social distance.

It`s more important than ever to have the support you need to keep your business running. Rockwell AutomationĀ® offers a range of basic support services that will help you stay productive while protecting your employees. Get the reliable support you need while keeping a safe distance. LEAKS IN COMPRESSED AIR, GAS, STEAM AND VACUUM SYSTEMS ARE HARD TO DETECT.