Transportation Services Agreement Doc

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Safety in the workplace before execution and subcontractors have designated in your needs such transport services, techniques or support. CONTRACT CONDITIONS (AIR) Standard Commercial Condition (1) Definitions: Ancillary services include the services of the Organization for Storage, Storage, Pickup, Delivery, Local Transportation, Insurance, 2 4. No responsibility for the choice or services of third parties and/or itineraries. Unless the services are provided by individuals or companies acting in accordance with the client`s explicit written instructions, the entity will exercise appropriate diligence in selecting third parties or in choosing the means, channels and procedures to be followed in the management, transport, authorization and delivery of the shipment; Company advice, the choice of a particular person or company to provide services relating to goods is not construed as guaranteeing or representing that person or company will provide such services, nor is it responsible for the actions and/or actions of these third parties and/or their accomplices, and is not responsible for any delays or losses that occur in a third party or third party shipment; All claims relating to the third party law are filed against that party and/or its agents; Under such a requirement, the company will reasonably cooperate with the customer responsible for all costs incurred by the company.