Service Level Agreement Lexisnexis

The following terms and conditions govern access and use of publications and the digital library, subject to the order (the “Publishing Services”) and the materials and content (“materials” it contains), provided by LexisNexis, a division of RELX Inc. and its affiliates (together “LN”). The terms “you” and “you” in capital letters or lower case mean the company (for example. B, company, company, company, owner, etc.) or the government authority that issues these conditions with LN. These conditions, along with the order form and digital rights management (“DRM”) contained in electronic publications, as well as the terms and conditions published in the Digital Library, constitute the whole agreement between you and LN regarding the provision of publishing services and materials (together the “contract”). They should ensure that the tender documents are sufficiently clear and detailed and that they clearly specify the company`s service requirements and preferred contract structure. There is no standard model for managing facilities and different suppliers offer different contractual structures. The vendor has developed [insert a description of the SaaS solution] software that it wishes to make available to the customer as a service for the benefit of the customer and the customer`s end users. If the main objective is to improve service performance, it may be more advantageous for you to negotiate an improved service level system and change the agreement with the existing provider. Each company depends on the provision of basic daily services: cleaning, safety, maintenance and waste management, to name a few. Some companies buy these services from their own homes or rely on their owners to provide them.

Other companies, usually those with larger and larger needs, will try to appoint a third party to make them available. The provider is committed to ensuring that the customer [through its end users] is able to use these devices and services by interacting them remotely via the Internet or through its own communication equipment. All returned materials must be received in intact condition and reusable at the dealer`s expense. LN doesn`t pay for the return. LN is not delivered to reseller customers. LN will ship to the dealer under the dealer`s transit account. The dealer must clearly deliver his order or order with delivery instructions. These instructions must include the carrier`s name, account number and weight zones for the ground, the next day, the 2nd day and the cargo. The supplier is qualified and experienced in the design, development and maintenance of the software [SaaS solution description] and has the expertise and skills to meet its obligations in accordance with this agreement. Based on the supplier`s skills and experience, the customer chose the supplier to provide its [description of the SaaS solution] in order to support the customer`s business activity under this agreement.