Konclusions Confidentiality-Agreement Template

1.1. The offer uses the following conditions (as stated in this provision): “Agreement” – the confidentiality agreement concluded by sending the acceptance contract by the receiving party. 5.1. If, as a result of a circumstance, one of the provisions of the Treaty is invalidated, the validity of the other provisions of the Treaty shall not be affected. 3.3. After signing the acceptance contract, the receiving party sends the scanned copy of the receipt form to the following e-mail address: 2.4. All information transmitted by the party to the party receiving this agreement is and is the exclusive property of the disclosed party. 4.1.3. not to communicate confidential information to third parties if the agreement indicates otherwise; 3.1. The offer is valid in the period during which it was posted on the website of the party to the publication. “Eligible Objectives” – to provide the work of the Academic Council or to participate in the work of the Council. Autonomous non-profit organization for higher education “Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology” (OGRN 1115000005922), represented by President Alexander Petrovich Kuleshov, acting on the basis of the Charter, proposes to the receiving party (as defined below) to conclude the agreement (as defined below) under the following conditions: 3.6. The receiving party indicates the e-mail address of the receiving party, to which confidential information can be sent, and guarantees that this address belongs to the receiving party.

“Offer” – this offer to conclude the contract.