Standard Consulting Agreement Template

Most consultants and independent contractors clearly underestimate what needs to be covered in a consulting contract: 7.2 Non-Solvency. The Consultant undertakes and agrees that, during the term of this Agreement, the Consultant shall not engage, hire, hire, hire, employ directly or indirectly, through an existing business, an unregistered business, a related party, a successor employer or other employee or independent contractor, or do not engage with him or her in part-time employment, advice, advice or other; except on behalf of the company, while the consultant provides services to the company. When building your consulting contract, don`t forget a few things. CONSIDERING that the client wishes to use the services of the adviser to provide advisory services with regard to [the scope of advisory services] under the conditions set out therein. Finally, if you haven`t done so yet, be sure to download our template for a consulting contract. Enter your information below and we will send it to you in both PDF and editable Google Doc. This standard consulting contract defines the legal relationship between a company that provides consulting services to another in the province of British Columbia, but it can be used anywhere. Feel free to adapt it to your contractual needs and use it. Keep this in mind, though; It`s always a good idea to have a contract checked by a lawyer before signing it. This first component is very simple….