Writers Guild Option Agreement

WGA`s jurisdiction includes any employment of a signatory company for writing services, options, or sales of literary material by “professional writers” to a signatory company, as well as options or sales of writers that the company treats as “professional writers” within the meaning of the MBA. You can use this guide as a reference if you employ writers or purchase materials. Please call the WGAE Contract Administrator at (212) 767-7837 if you have any questions. This downloadable brochure is intended as an informative guide to the New Zealand Writers Guild (NZWG) model contracts negotiated between the NZWG and the Screen Production and Development Association (SPADA) in 2001. These standard contracts include an option contract, a purchase contract and a screenwriter`s contract. Neither the NZWG nor SPADA assumes any liability or costs that either party may incur in using these agreements. Send a full notice of the preliminary credits and a copy of the final script of the shoot to all participating authors of the project and the guild. Participating authors are authors who have been hired to provide writing services or who have sold material for the project under the jurisdiction of the WGA. The Company must indicate in the notice the names of all participating authors and propose the written credit that the Company believes in good faith to be a correct credit.

(The notice must be sent directly to the author or the author`s designated representative.) (§ 11 of TV programme A) In the event of a credit arbitration, send three copies of all literary material to the guild. (Paragraph 15 of television programme A.) Click here for step-by-step instructions – TV Credit Procedures Inform the currently employed author of any other author who has already written about the project. Notify the currently employed author of any other author who has been hired to write at the same time. (Article 18) [See also #21 below.] Click here for the section 18 form. If an author is invited to pitch or be interviewed about a possible occupation, let them know the approximate number of other writers you are considering for the project. .