Board Resolution For Share Subscription Agreement

RESOLVED THAT the company`s name and designation of the authorized person be authorized, on behalf of the company, to carry out the G.S.O., including the signing of letters, declarations, agreements and other documents that the company could sign with respect to the OSG and to do all the necessary acts, acts and things to implement it in the same manner. The document describes the parties to the transaction, the description of the shares put up for sale, the purchase price (counterparty), the parties` guarantees and guarantees, the pre-execution and post-execution requirements, etc. “RESOLVED THAT in accordance with Dener179, paragraph 3, (e) and all other provisions of the Applicable Corporation Act, 2013 in the applicable rules (including all legislative amendments or changes, and, subject to the limits provided for in Section 186, which are provided for by Rule 11 and 13 of the Social Assemblies (assemblies of the Board of Directors and their powers), 2014 and the provisions of the company`s statutes, the approval of the company`s board of directors and which are granted here and about , an amount of Rs towards the purchase of [preferred shares/shares of […] ( A share purchase agreement is an agreement between a company and investors to sell shares at a fixed price to investors. This is done simply by offering new shares to investors who will become shareholders of the company at the close of the transaction. If a company wants to raise capital, it can do so by issuing shares that can be acquired through private placement or public offering. This document is in a position for the use of a share issue by the directors, not for a unanimous decision of the shareholders. If the issue of shares is accepted by unanimous decision of the shareholders, use the treatment of the shares of our model shareholders. The Company must notify the Registrar of Companies of the issuance of shares within 10 business days of the issuance of the shares. This can be done online via the Companies Office website. This document assumes that directors sign a written resolution instead of holding a board meeting. Therefore, the directors` decision must be signed by all the directors of the company.

In addition, directors who sign the decision must sign a management certificate in accordance with Section 47 of the Companies Act 1993 (the form of this certificate follows the directors` decision presented in this document). Users use a model free of charge and subject to approval of our terms of use. This document is used by companies to raise capital from investors. DETERMINED that the proposed share purchase agreement (“SPA”) between the company and [the name of the company/transferors], as presented to the Board of Directors and presented by the President for identification, approval and authorization); After the submission after its creation, the Company must take steps to have the investor`s name registered in the company`s membership register (if the investor is not already a member of the company).